Fast, accurate, and insightful CAD optimization with Meshmatic

Meshmatic is a 3D engine that improves the performance of heavy and complex models for real-time visualization and AR/VR applications.

Meshmatic’s Benefits

Real-time ready

3D content preparation is expensive! Our software helps you cut down the manual work and optimize your 3D scene for best performance for real-time visualization, and AR/VR projects.

Increased productivity

 Our software streamlines the content preparation workflow! This means you meet deadlines faster and focus on what’s important, the accuracy and beauty of your visualization.

Reduce human error

By automating repetitive and tedious 3D clean-up and optimization tasks, our software helps reduce the potential for human error and avoid loss of valuable data from your 3D project file.

What is Meshmatic

Cubity User Interface

3D modelers, engineers and architects spend a significant amount of time cleaning up and preparing polygon meshes for real-time visualization. Not only is the clean-up process manual and tedious, but it’s also prone to human error. Therefore,  by streamlining the content preparation pipeline, Meshmatic saves time, reduces error and increases productivity.

Engineering and architectural design files are heavy and complex. They’re not optimal for real-time use cases such as AR/VR applications for mobile devices or headsets. Through proprietary algorithms, Meshmatic significantly improves the performance of 3D design files immersive visualization. It does this by decreasing the 3D file size, cleaning up hierarchies, reducing draw-call stress on GPU, and increasing frame-rate.

3D Clean-up Services

We provide custom-tailored 3D optimization services to help companies make the most of their large and complex 3D data. Our 3D technicians will use Meshmatic (our stand-alone software) to optimize based on your requirements, delivering a high performing version of your project.

Using the latest 3D optimization algorithms and technology, our team of highly experienced 3D specialists are capable of helping you reach your real-time visualization goals, all while staying on budget and on schedule. No matter your requirements, we can provide you with the expertise and experience to help you navigate the real-time visualization world.

Use Cases

Re-purpose engineering design files in little time

Re-purposing engineering design files for real-time visualization and AR/VR applications is challenging because of the model size and complexity. CAD models contain many high-resolution polygons and metadata. Therefore, 3D technicians spend around 70% of their time cleaning up  CAD files to optimize performance.

Using our software, manual clean-up is automated, meaning you can easily perform tasks that will lighten and simplify your file:

  1. Creating instances of assets that are repeated throughout your design to significantly lighten your mesh
  2. Processing metadata in your design file with the ability to preserve or remove it
  3. Organizing and cleaning your hierarchy (deleting empty nodes etc.)
  4. Creating LOD’s and removing overlapping vertices to optimize your mesh

Now that the design file’s performance is significantly improved for real-time use, the necessary graphical attributes can be added, such as UV’s, textures, and collisions – that will bring the visualization to life. With Meshmatic, time saved during optimization and clean–up of 3D models means there’s more time to create high quality and accurate visualizations.

Make BIM models efficient for real-time visualization

Architectural and construction projects contain a massive number of assets. For instance, files size and complexity a bottleneck for real-time visualization. Information-rich BIM models and multiple layers of design data, from structural, mechanical, electric and plumbing (MEP) systems, further add to this complexity, making these files unusable for real-time.

3D modelers spend a significant amount of time cleaning up and optimizing these files manually. At times, projects are re-built from scratch to meet specific visualization requirements.

Our software offers an automated and robust solution to improve the data preparation workflow for BIM models. These are some of the steps our software can simplify:

  1. Managing project file’s metadata and giving the user the option to delete or keep this data for visualization
  2. Deleting assets, like MEP systems that aren’t needed in the visualization, with a click of a button
  3. Creating instances of duplicate assets to reduce the file size while keeping metadata intact
  4. Reducing the risk of human error

Using Meshmatic, the performance of BIM models is significantly improved so that 3D teams can create better visualizations, faster.

Meshmatic is fully compatible with Unreal Studio

Unreal Studio includes tools and services to accelerate your enterprise workflow with Unreal Engine.

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