Convert and optimize your CAD files

for real-time rendering, in minutes.

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Convert and optimize your CAD files for real-time rendering, in minutes.

Meshmatic’s compatible with top 3D software



Meshmatic’s compatible with top 3D software

Powerful, Smart Features

We know working with large CAD files is challenging. That’s why we’ve made Meshmatic simple to use.
Meshmatic helps you convert your files and optimize them accurately, so you can get on with the rest of your project in no time

Meshmatic reads large CAD files and converts them to a clean and optimized mesh file in minutes; Saving you and your team weeks/months of work. Now that’s working smarter, not harder!
After converting your CAD file to a mesh, Meshmatic uses proprietary algorithms to optimize the mesh and correct any tessellation errors, like inverted faces and missing normals.
Meshmatic's powerful algorithms and conversion engine are packaged inside an easy-to-navigate UI. Meshmatic guides you through conversion and optimization so your project will be up and running in no time.

Automated tools to optimize your CAD file in minutes

Say goodbye to weeks of manual optimization. Say hello to automated, fast, and accurate results.

LOD generator

Our LOD generator creates 5 different versions of every mesh, each with varying levels of details – giving you the option to select the LOD/resolution that is most suitable for your project.


Duplicate instantiator

Meshmatic’s proprietary algorithms quickly processes your file to findrepeated assets that bog down your file, then creates an instance of them, significantly lightening your file.


Mesh & outliner clean-up

A clean mesh and organized outliner is essential for a real-time visualization. Meshmatic combines meshes, removes overlapping vertices and excess hierarchy nodes to achieve this.


UV Unwrapping

A clean mesh and organized outliner is essential for a real-time visualization. Meshmatic combining meshes, removing overlapping vertices, and removing excess hierarchy nodes to achieve this.


CAD conversion

Meshmatic accurately converts CAD models to polygon mesh, making your intricate engineering and architectural models suitable for 3D design software and ready for real-time.


Small parts

Whether you’re trying to select all the bolts in your industrial assembly, or find all the small internal parts of a model, Meshmatic lets you select meshes by size and delete them in one click.


Repair broken meshes

Broken or deformed meshes can create errors in your visualization project.  Meshmatic finds and corrects all these meshes.



Tesselating 3D models can create a lot of small broken pieces that create errors in your mesh. Meshmatic finds and combines all these separated pieces.

Meshmatic supports many 3D file formats

Meshmatic is currently compatible with the following 3D formats.

File formats
Automated conversion and optimization
Industry ready

Meshmatic is a useful  tool for teams accross various industries that work with complex 3D geometry or large CAD assemblies. The software is versatile, yet easy to use and can easily be incorporated into any teams workflow. Meshmatic suppports over 10 file formats and is capable of reading, converting and tesselating native CAD into mesh. Simply import your file, select your optimization preferences, and Meshmatic will take care of the rest.

After importing your file and selecting your optimization preferences, Meshmatic automatically tesselates and optimizes your file. The entire process takes under 5 minutes, and your file will be ready for the next step in your pipeline.

Now that conversion and optimization is complete, your file is suitable for various end projects, including a 3D printing project or a VR simulation usingUnreal Engine.

Meshmatic supports many 3D file formats

And can be easily incorporated into your workflow.


Meshmatic supports many different CAD and mesh formats. Simply import your 3D file and choose your conversion and optimization target.

Using Meshmatic you can significantly speed up your file preparation pipeline. Meshmatic’s automated tools clean up, convert and optimize your file in minutes.

Use your optimized mesh file in a variety of different visualization projects such as rendering, AR/VR development, 3D printing, and game engine development.

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