3D CAD optimization with Meshmatic

Convert and optimize your CAD files for real-time visualization, in minutes.

3D CAD optimization with Meshmatic

Convert and optimize your CAD files for real-time visualization, in minutes.

Fast. Accurate. Easy to use

We know working with large CAD files is challenging. That’s why we’ve made Meshmatic simple to use, so you can convert your files quickly and get on with the rest of your project in no time.


Fast Conversion

Meshmatic reads large CAD files and converts them to a clean and optimized mesh file in minutes; Saving you and your team weeks/months of work. Now that’s working smarter, not harder!

Accurate Results

Meshmatic’s proprietary algorithms preserve all metadata from engineering and architectural CAD files. Rest assured that your file is converted and optimized with no data loss.

No 3D Experience Required

We’ve put all our 3D expertise into Meshmatic so you don’t have to. Our automated tools allow engineers, technicians, and architects to use Meshmatic and get results in minutes.

Meshmatic supports many 3D file formats

Meshmatic is currently compatible with the following 3D formats.

Import file formats

FBX   OBJ  | STEP | Catia |  SolidWorks |  Sketchup   Creo IGES

Export file formats

FBX   OBJ | 3ds Max  STL   Datasmith  |   GLTF |  GLB

Easily open your optimized CAD file into Unity and Unreal Engine.


Automated tools to optimize your CAD file in minutes

Say goodbye to weeks of manual optimization. Say hello to automated, fast, and accurate results.

LOD generator

Our LOD generator creates 5 different versions of every mesh, each with varying levels of details – giving you the option to select the LOD/resolution that is most suitable for your project.


Duplicate instantiator

Duplicate assets take a toll on processing costs. Meshmatic’s proprietary algorithms quickly processes your file to identify repeated assets that bog down your file, then creates an instance of them, significantly lightening your file.


Mesh and outliner clean-up

A clean mesh and organized outliner is essential for a real-time visualization. Meshmatic combining meshes, removing overlapping vertices, and removing excess hierarchy nodes to achieve this.


CAD conversion

Meshmatic accurately converts CAD models to polygon mesh, making your intricate engineering and architectural models suitable for 3D design software and ready for real-time.


Small parts

Whether you’re trying to select all the bolts in your large industrial scene, or find all the small internal parts of an automotive model, Meshmatic lets you select meshes by size, giving you the freedom to delete them in one click.


Repair broken meshes

Tesselating 3D models can create a lot of small broken pieces that create errors in your mesh. Meshmatic finds and combines all these separated pieces.

Keep your files confidential with a downloadable version of Meshmatic

Meshmatic desktop can be installed on your local PC or company servers, making sure all your CAD & 3D files are kept within your own premises.
Simply download Meshmatic and activate your license to start optimizing.

Meshmatic saved us a significant amount of time when preparing our files for a VR project using Unreal Engine.

Remtech Systems

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Our partners

We partner with the best in the industry. We’re always learning and staying ahead of the latest innovation in graphic computing, real-time technology, and AR/VR development.


Our partners

We partner with the best in the industry. We’re always learning and staying ahead of the latest innovation in graphic computing, real-time technology, and AR/VR development.


Need a custom optimization solution?

Meshmatic is customizable to meet the most stringent performance requirements, whether it’s for mobile AR, Microsoft HoloLens, or VR headset such as the Oculus Quest. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

Command line

We offer command line and API solutions for easy integration with your 3D visualization platforms. Contact us to find out more.

Site licensing

If your team requires site licensing please contact us with details of your project.

3D viewer

We are working on a solution to help teams better collaborate with big 3D files. Contact us to find out more.

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How to convert CATIA files for Unity

We work with many engineering teams that want to re-purpose their CATIA files for training, simulation or marketing applications using real-time technology. But CATpart files first need to be converted to polygonal mesh before they can be used in real-time game.


How to optimize a SolidWorks STEP file for visualization in Unity

When importing a large Solidworks STEP file into Unity, there’s a lot of things to consider to make sure your project runs smoothly. Unity has a specific way of calculating and rendering frames which depend on a project’s LOD’s, face count, materials, and many more.


How to organize a messy outliner after 3D CAD conversion

3D files can be large and complex, sometimes containing millions of assets. To put things in perspective, a relatively simple 3D CAD design of a manufacturing assembly line will contain more than 100,000 meshes and nodes after its converted to a polygonal mesh file.

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