We build tools that enable the next generation of 3D pipelines.

We’re a dynamic team of engineers, software developers, and 3D artists with a vision of becoming a global leader in developing tools that enable the next generation of 3D content.

How we started

We started as a 3D visualization and AR/VR service agency in 2016, helping companies in engineering, manufacturing, architecture, and aerospace drive business value using immersive technologies.

Working on different client projects we came across many large and complex CAD files, and discovered how tedious and error-prone the data preparation pipeline for real-time visualization is. This motivated us to start building our own automated pipelines to streamline this process and increase efficiency.

Meshmatic was born

While building on our own internal optimization pipelines, we quickly realized this was a solution we could further develop and share with other 3D teams facing the same challenges. And so, Meshmatic was born – a tool to automate tedious optimization tasks like deleting and instancing duplicate assets, and preparing 3D files for real-time visualization.

An industry standard

As we continue to develop Meshmatic, we are constantly inspired by the innovative projects our clients are working on, and the emergence of new tools and technologies. We have our eyes set on the big and bright future of the 3D industry and will continue to build Meshmatic into a standard tool that will add tremendous value to the entire industry.

Our values



We like to lead the way in innovations related to 3D and graphic computing. We never settle for old ways of doing things and are constantly looking to learn and improve. We look out into the market for the next big innovations and build tools to make pipelines more efficient.

Customer commitment

We believe that we succeed when our customers do. We enjoy building relationships with our customers and learning about their projects. We have been in their shoes and know exactly what challenges they face every day. That’s why our customers trust us and our expertise.


Great things in businesses are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people. We truly believe in this and we’ve seen it firsthand. When a group of people with unique skills come together to challenge and inspire each other every day, great things can be achieved.

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