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We’re a dynamic team of engineers, software developers, and 3D artists with a vision to become a global leader in developing tools that enable the next wave of 3D content.

Our Story

What We Do & How We Got Here

How we started

Our story begins in 2012 – VRSQUARE started as a 3D visualization and AR/VR service agency helping companies in engineering, architecture construction, automotive, robotics, manufacturing, and aerospace drive business value using immersive technologies.
From our own experience working with large and complex engineering and architectural design files, we discovered the data prep and cleanup pipeline for-real time visualization is full of repetitive, tedious and error-prone tasks. With the aim to simplify our workflow, we developed algorithms that automated these tasks.

As we worked internally on creating a tool that streamlined our workflow, we realized that other design-led industries and 3D modelers faced similar challenges when visualizing their projects.

Meshmatic has evolved into a 3D engine

Meshmatic was born

While this tool started as an internal project to simplify our workflow, we quickly realized this was a product we could develop and license to other 3D teams facing the same challenges and bottlenecks. And so, Meshmatic was born, as a tool to automate tedious optimization tasks like deleting and instancing duplicate assets.

As we’ve grown over the past year, Meshmatic has evolved into a 3D engine equipped with various tools that help 3D teams optimize, manage, and clean-up design files for real-time visualization and AR/VR applications.

What’s next?

Our goal is to continue building tools to help 3D teams across the world be better equipped for the next wave of immersive 3D content. With our upcoming projects, we hope to remove stress from the daily workflow of 3D modelers and encourage a culture of effectiveness and excellence.


Always pushing, improving, and being more efficient


To develop tools that bring productivity to the 3D content preparation and management workflow.


To empower every company and 3D team on the planet to achieve more.


Innovation, creativity, expertise and trustworthiness.


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