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2. Detect Duplicates

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File optimization can start with detecting duplicate assets in the hierarchy. Any 3D engine, building or robot arm is made up of duplicate objects repeated throughout the assembly. By instantiating those duplicates, your file size will reduce, importing the assembly to Unreal Engine or other 3D engines can be faster, and editing them will be much more efficent, since all the asset attributes such as UVs, vertex structures, and more will be shared within instances.

The “Duplicate Detector” tab contains all the tools you need to detect those objects, group them, delete them, or instantiate them.

1. Open “Duplicate Detector” tab
Detect duplicates
In some cases, the user needs to focus on a specific range of vertex saturated objects, to select and remove or instantiate. For example, low poly vertices are not a concern in your 3D scene, but there are too many high vertex duplicates that need to be instantiated. These sliders give your the option to select your range and detect duplicates. Not changing the sliders will result in duplicate detecting your entire hierarchy.
2. Select your range vertices, or simply click “Find Duplicates” to advance.
Range vertices
Click on root node
Duplicates are now detected. We are constantly improving the detection accuracy by improving the detection method and employing new factors in duplicate detection, but we also strongly recommend users to review all the duplicate groups before deleting or instantiating.
3. This list contains all the unique parts in your scene.

4. Every name has a number to its right. This number shows how many duplicates are detected for this unique object from your scene.

5. The red bar underneath the title is to help you with identifying the group with the highest number of duplicates. The longer the red bar, the more duplicate count the group contains compared to the other groups.

6. After clicking on each unique objects in the list from the left, all the duplicate objects will be listed in this window.

List of duplicate objects