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3. Instantiate Duplicates

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To instantiate duplicates, you have the option to review each duplicate group, or click on “Instantiate All” which creates instances for all the duplicates in all the groups. We strongly recommend users to review all the groups and instantiate them gradually.

1. To review any objects in a duplicate group, simply click on the part and the 3D asset will load in your 3D preview window.

Review duplicate objects

2. While reviewing, if an object has been detected as a duplicate by error, use the “Throw Out” button to remove the part from the duplicate group. This action will remove the part from the duplicate group, but doesn’t delete it from the hierarchy.

3. If all parts in the duplicate group are correctly detected, use the “Instantiate” button to create instances.

4. “Instantiate All” will process all the groups in your unique lists and create instances for all.

Instantiate duplicates

6. After creating instances, the new mesh count in your hierarchy will be reflected in the project info bar.

New mesh count