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3D Scatter Plot

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3D Scatter Plot

A 3D Scatter plot is a spatial visualization of your file, it’s designed to visualize large 3D files since they may be too large to visualize in the 3D previewer. It uses a mark to display the location of each object in your scene, insteadĀ of completely rendering the mesh. The result is an object saturation heat-map of the design (as shown below). Users can instantly preview the distribution of all the objects in their scene and locate problematic areas. The benefit of using a 3D scatter plot is its low-processing power compared to fully rendering a mesh. For big and complex designs that may result in a software crash, a scatter plot allows users to identify and optimize their designs visually without rendering the meshes.

Left: 3D scatter plot, Right: 3D previewer

To use the Scatter 3D Graph

  1. Import your 3D model into Meshmatic
  2. In the 3D previewer, you can select from three different views
  1. 3D previewer: normal view of your 3D file
  2. 3D scatter graph: scatter graph rendition of your file
  3. Split view: both 3D previewer and 3D scatter graph