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Auto Optimizer with Suggestive Actions

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What is Auto Optimization?

Auto Optimization is a smart assistant in Meshmatic that reads the entire imported 3D file and provides a one-click solution to clean up and optimize the file depending on the user’s selected end-use.

1. To use the Auto Optimizer feature, click on the Analyze button located on the top right of your screen.

  1.  After pressing the analyze button, an Analysis Configuration window opens. Read more about analysis configuration.
  1. In the Analysis Configuration window, you can choose between four different end-use options: 3D print, 3D design, real-time visualization, and rendering. Each option is designed to optimize the file with the selected end-use in mind.
  1. After selecting your intended end-use case, Meshmatic’s Auto Optimizer  creates a list of detected issues in the file (which are displayed in the sidebar). Meshmatic provides suggestions regarding non-manifold edges, empty nodes, duplicate meshes and more.

The user can review all the problems, and is given a range of options:

  • Fix all button, this resolves all the detected issues automatically
  • User can also choose to only apply the auto-optimization options to selected suggestions, simply dismiss the options you don’t want to follow.
  1. Review the suggestions and select from these options:
  • Fix all button, resolves and optimizes all the detected issues
  • Optimize single issues, auto-optimizes one (or more) individual issues
  • Dismiss, lets you discard one (or more) suggestions
  1. To refresh your 3D previewer and visualize the updates, press the eye icon