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Combine children to a single mesh

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The Combine Children to a Single Mesh tool lets you unify separate assets into a single asset. This tool is useful for a group of nodes in the outliner that need to be combined. Having fewer nodes in the outliner optimizes processing power. It is best to avoid having a large number of small meshes in the outliner. Having a shorter outliner with less number of small meshes to render, increases a machine’s FPS.

Combining large meshes together may increase render calls. For example, if the 3D design contains a tower building, and the tower contains a thousand copies of window frames, doors, walls, plugs, etc. combining some of the objects from the same floor will help optimize the render calls and the processing power. But combining all the window frames will cause more draw calls.

To combine children meshes

  1. Select a parent nodeĀ  from the outliner
  2. Click on Combine all Children to a Single Mesh from the top toolbar


  1. Meshmatic will combine all the assets in the selected group into a single mesh