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Delete non-manifold faces in mesh

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Non-manifold faces have a geometry that cannot be unfolded into a continuous flat piece, this can complicate some tools and operations (like rendering, visualizing and 3D printing).

Importing a CAD design into the software for real-time applications can create non-manifold faces in the geometry. While these faces are invisible to the user and in the visualization, they are expensive to the graphic card and processor. You can delete non-manifold faces using Meshmatic.

To find and delete non-manifold faces

  1. First,  Remove Duplicate Vertices (see remove duplicate vertices documentation for more details)
  2. Next, Remove Duplicate Faces (see remove duplicate faces documentation for more details)
  3. Use the Select and Get Total Number of Non-Manifold Faces in Selected tool (5th tool from the top toolbar) to identify non-manifolded faces in your scene
  1. This tool highlights all the non-manifolded meshes in your scene
  1. Use the Remove Faces from Non-Manifolded Edges in Selected (6th tool from the top toolbar) to delete the non-manifolded meshes from your scene
  1. After fixing non-manifold faces, some faces are removed and need to be corrected
  2. Use the Re-Orient Faces Coherently tool (4th tool from the top toolbar) to re-orient the direction of the faces


  1. Use the Invert Faces Orientation (3rd tool from the top toolbar) to invert the orientation of the faces