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Detection Threshold

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When optimizing, you might need to focus only on groups with more than a certain number of duplicates or certain amount of vertext counts.


  1. The “Mesh Vertex Threshold” slider is calculated based on the most vertex saturated and the least vertex saturated object in your scene, giving you the option to choose the minimum amount of vertex count to include in the duplicate detection.
  2. “Minimum Number of Duplicated” slider is calculated based on the size of the duplicate groups. For example, if you select 12 for the slider, only duplicate groups with 12 assets or more in them will be included in the duplicate detection.
Detection threshold

3. After duplicate detection is initiated, you can always go back and modify the threshold if needed. Keep in mind if you have instantiated any of the groups already and need to modify the threshold, the instantiated groups won’t be included this time.

Threshold reanalysis