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Duplicate detector

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What is duplicate detection?

Meshmatic’s Duplicate Detector filters assets based on similarities in vertex count and volume. Simply import your 3D model, and the software will read your file and accurately find repeated assets. Once the software finds duplicate assets, deleting or instancing them to optimize your file is easy.

How does our software find duplicates?

Meshmatic’s Duplicate Detector works to find all duplicate assets in a file. First, the software reads through all the parts in the design and counts the number of vertices, edges, and faces, and creates groups of identical meshes. Then, it calculates the volume of the identical meshes to increase the accuracy of detection. Finally, Meshmatic asks the user to review the duplicate assets and confirm they are repeated. By detecting duplicate assets in a model, you can easily perform optimization tasks like deleting and instancing.

To use the Duplicate Detector

Select your Detection Threshold:

  1. After importing your file, open the Duplicate Detector tab in Meshmatic
  2. Specify your Detection Threshold, the detection threshold gives you control over the assets that are selected as duplicates
  • The Minimum Number of Duplicates option lets you decide the lowest number of duplicates assets in a group. For example, if you select a minimum of 4, only groups of 4 or more duplicate assets will be detected.
  • The Mesh Vertices Threshold option lets you decide the minimum number of vertices in the assets that are selected as duplicates. For example, if you select a minimum of 8, only assets with 8 or more vertices will be detected.
  • The Compare by Mesh Volume option to compare meshes by both vertices and mesh volume. Having this option selected improves the accuracy of the duplicate detection.

Find duplicates:

  1. Now that the detection threshold is selected, click on Find Duplicates to advance. You can always go back and re-adjust your detection threshold if needed.
  2. Meshmatic will find duplicate assets based on your specifications. If you want to adjust your detection threshold, simply click on Reanalyze.

Optimization options:

  1. Meshmatic has a variety of tools that will help you clean up your file.

An asset may be detected as a duplicate by error, use the Throw Out tool to remove an asset from a duplicate group. Select the item in the group and click Throw Out. This action will remove the asset from the duplicate group, but doesn’t delete it from the hierarchy/scene


Delete: Select an asset from the duplicate group and click on Delete. This will delete the asset from your entire scene/hierarchy


Delete group: Select an entire group and click on Delete Group to delete the entire group from your scene


Instantiate: Instantiate the selected group, this will create instances of all the duplicate assets


Instantiate all: Instantiate all the groups of duplicate assets

Now that duplicate assets have been optimized, you can focus on optimizing and removing duplicate vertices.