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Generate normals in mesh

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Generate normals

A normal is a vector in 3D-space that is perpendicular to two other vectors (determined by two edges of a face). Normals are used in many settings including in shaders to calculate reflections and for backface culling. Backface Culling is a performance optimization that allows skipping rendering of faces that will not be visible (Normals pointing away from the camera). OpenGL uses a different method for that described here.

To generate normals:

Converting from CAD format to polygon mesh can cause Normal issues, follow these steps to fix them using Meshmatic:

  1. Select the root from the outliner and click on “Generate Normal” .
  2. Refresh the 3D previewer by clicking on the eye icon on the root node to view the updated mesh.
  3. You may also need to use the “Invert Faces” tool or the “Re-Orient Faces” tool if the newly generated Normals are facing inside out.

See also: delete non-manifold faces in the mesh