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How to instance duplicate assets

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What are instanced assets?

Instances create copies of an asset that are actually references to the original asset. Creating copies is an effective way to optimize your scene and reduce the complexity of your project file. Meshmatic’s duplicate detector makes instancing repeated assets easy.

To create copies of duplicate assets, you have the option to individually review each duplicate group and instance some groups, or alltogether instance all the groups of duplicate assets found by Meshmatic. We recommend users to review all the groups individually and instantiate them gradually.

To instance duplicate assets

  1. Use Meshmatic’s duplicate detector to find duplicate assets
  2. Review your duplicate groups of assets, if an object has been detected as a duplicate by error, use the Throw Out button to remove that part from the duplicate group. This action will remove the part from the duplicate group, but doesn’t delete it from the hierarchy


  1. Use the Instantiate button to create instances for a single group of duplicate assets


  1. Use the Instantiate All button to create instances for all the duplicate groups of assets that Meshmatic detected. This will processs all the groups in your unique lists and create copies for all of them.


  1. After creating instances, the new mesh count will be reflected in the project’s info bar
  2. To de-instance a group of duplicate assets, select the node from the outliner OR select the object from the 3D previewer and click De-Instantiate 


You can also use Meshmatic to entirely delete assets from your project file, read the deleting assets documentation for more information.