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Mesh quality heat map for file insights

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What is the mesh quality heatmap?

The mesh quality heatmap is a great way to guide you through the clean-up process. It gives you an overview of your entire project’s performance and organizes your entire scene based on the quality of the meshes. This tool can be found under the “mesh quality histogram tab”.

How does our software analyze mesh?

Meshmatic analyzes meshes based on their quality, resolution, poly count and vertex count. Assets are grouped based on their mesh quality (vertices divided by volume). Each group carries a corresponding color code, and all assets in each group receive a color code based on the mesh quality group they fall under. The color codes can be reviewed in the 3D preview window.

High-quality meshes, with high resolution, poly count and vertex count are considered “extreme quality meshes” and are highlighted in red. On the other hand, meshes that are low resolution and have a low poly and vertex count, are considered to be “low-quality meshes” and are highlighted in green.


Mesh quality legend:

  • Red (extreme quality meshes): not performant for real-time visualization, AR/VR or renders, requires optimization
  • Orange (high-quality meshes): Optimization is recommended
  • Yellow (medium quality meshes): Optimization isn’t required but would still be beneficial
  • Light green (low-quality meshes): Optimization isn’t required
  • Dark green (lowest quality meshes): highly performant for real-time visualization, AR/VR and renders

To use the mesh quality histogram

  1. Import your model to Meshmatic
  2. Open the “Mesh quality histogram” tab
  3. Meshmatic will highlight your mesh based on its quality, this gives you an overview of your entire scene and what areas would benefit from optimization.
  4.  There’s a variety of tools to help you visualize the assets in your scene
  • “Highlight mesh in scene”- If you select an asset on the mesh quality histogram, you can view it in your scene.
  • “Preview mesh in scene”- Lets you visualize the single asset in your scene

The mesh quality histogram provides you with insight into your file. Once you have a better understanding of what areas need to be optimized, you can use tools like the duplicate detector to optimize your extreme quality meshes.