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1. Start a New Project by Importing

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To start a new project for optimization, you need to import an existing 3D design into Meshmatic. From the top toolbar, click on “Import File” and follow these instructions.

1. Click on the “Import file” button. From the popup window navigate and select your 3D file. Click “Import”.

Import to Cubity

2. Meshmatic is reading your entire 3D hierarchy, including mesh vertices, edges, normal channels, and more.

Cubity reads 3D file

3. Project outline provides information about the size and the complexity of the 3D file.

Cubity's project outline

4. After the 3D files is imported, you need to click on the preview button to review the 3D design first.

The reason Meshmatic doesn’t preview the design is because when working with large files, your computer might struggle showing all the assets at once. In order to preview the parts, you can expand the outliner and click on the eye icon to preview that specific group.

3D file preview

5. The graph on this tab and on the other tabs can be used to review and identify vertex saturated assets in your scene, the number of parts stored in each group from your 3D outliner, or to find all the empty groups in your scene that might contain disposable/unneeded data that can be deleted in order to reduce the file size.

Cubity's graphs