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Are you overwhelmed by the size and complexity of your 3D project?

Using Meshmatic, our 3D technicians provide 3D optimization services for CAD and FBX to help you easily manage and develop your visualization project.

How our 3D optimization services for CAD and non-CAD works

Specify your goals

Outline the end goals of your visualization project to guide our 3D technicians as they clean up your file.

Upload your model

CAD or non-CAD, no matter the file size, you can import your 3D model into our service form for optimization.

Clean-up and optimization

Using our in-house tool we’ll simplify your mesh, organize your hierarchies and optimize duplicate assets.

real-time ready

We’ll deliver a lightweight version of your mesh that is optimized for real-time visualizations.

Ready to get started?

Using our in-house tool, our experienced 3D technicians will improve the performance of your design file and ensure it’s real-time ready.

  • To upload your file, an upload link will be emailed to you.

Meshmatic’s 3D optimization services for CAD and non-CAD


Tap into our expertise

We’ve been in your shoes many times! Our 3D team will work with you to discover the optimization objectives specific to your project and use our in-house tool to deliver an optimized and cleaner version of your file.


Improved project performance

By optimizing your project, not only will we reduce file size and complexity, but we’ll ensure it’s highly performant for real-time visualization and AR/VR applications on mobile and headset devices.


Maintain data integrity

We know how valuable your data is (including BIM and metadata) so we ensure data integrity across our optimization workflow, so your project data is kept accurate and secure.

How we do it

First, we’ll listen closely to your optimization objectives. Whether you want your file size reduced by 75%, your number of assets cut by half, or vertex and poly count kept to the minimum, we’ll make sure the end result meets your requirements.

Once we’re finished cleaning-up your project file, we’ll deliver a lighter and efficient version of your model. Your project will be ready to be deployed to game engines for real-time visualization.

Meshmatic is fully compatible with Unreal Studio

Unreal Studio includes tools and services to accelerate your enterprise workflow with Unreal Engine.

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