Case study

Remtech Systems optimizes
their complex CAD for VR
using Meshmatic


Remtech Systems, a company that provides robotics solutions for food manufacturing, was looking to use Virtual Reality (VR) technology to showcase their robots at Pack Expo 2019. Using real-time immersive technology, the company wanted to bring their CAD files to life and engage potential clients with a realistic visualization of their assembly line.

Remtech quickly realized that the size and complexity of their engineering CAD models is a bottleneck for VR development using the Oculus Quest. By incorporating Meshmatic into their pipeline, Remtech was able to efficiently optimize their CAD models and ensure performance requirements were met to achieve a seamless visualization.

The project

An interactive and realistic VR simulation that would give potential clients a look into Remtech’s assembly line solution.


Oculus Quest

The challenges

  • Remtech’s engineering CAD files were complex and heavy. This meant they could not import their file into Unreal Engine.
  • Not only did the design files need to be optimized to maximize performance, but they also needed to be programmed to work for the Oculus Quest.
  • Remtech was facing tight timelines as they had to ensure their VR project was ready in time for the exhibition.

The solution

Incorporating Meshmatic, a 3D optimization software into their pipeline that would automate their data preparation workflow and ensure their CAD files were performant for real-time visualization. Meshmatic helped optimize their CAD file in little time for a smooth visualization in VR.

Analyzing the Problem

With only a small booth at Pack Expo 2019, Remtech felt limited in their means of connecting with attendees and attracting potential customers. The company saw the value in using immersive experiences to virtually exhibit their food assembly line solution. Unlike 2D renders or product mockups, immersive visualizations such as VR expand the limits of a 10×10 booth and create engaging life-size experiences. However, creating a VR visualization of a CAD design is no easy feat. On top of that, Pack Expo 2019 was quickly approaching, adding time crunch and pressure to the 3D team at Remtech.

Numerous duplicate assets and an unorganized file hierarchy were some of the challenges the company faced when cleaning up their models. “optimizing our CAD design became a challenge. Budget and time constraints meant that we couldn’t get the quality we were looking for in our VR visualizations says Bahador Moosavi, Remtech Systems CEO.


Optimize CAD for VR using Meshmatic

To prepare their CAD file for VR visualization on Oculus Quest, Remtech used Meshmatic, a 3D optimization tool. Meshmatic significantly reduced the time and effort required to optimize its intricate model. 

Visualizing a CAD project in VR would normally be problematic, but using Meshmatic, the 3D team at Remtech was able to convert their project into FBX and optimize it for Oculus Quest. The team spent less time doing tedious optimization tasks and more time focusing on improving the quality and accuracy of their visualization.

“Using Meshmatic transformed our workflow, instead of our team being bogged down with insignificant and tedious tasks, they were able to speed up their cleanup workflow and focus on creating the best VR experience they could.”

Bahador Moosavi

CEO, Remtech Systems

Benefits of an automated solution

As companies are realizing the opportunities of using real-time visualizations in their businesses, creating an efficient workflow for developing these projects is becoming important. Architectural and engineering files will continue to get larger and more complex and companies will greatly benefit from an automated solution.

Here’s how Meshmatic saves companies time when they want to prepare their CAD files for real-time visualization:

  • Improves efficiency by automating repetitive tasks
  • Reduces file complexity by cleaning up design files
  • Reduces human error
  • Lets you focus on the accuracy of your visualization and the programming required



Increase In Efficiency


Reduction in file complexity


Decrease in human error

The Results

By incorporating Meshmatic into their workflow, Remtech was able to drastically cut down the time and budget spent on 3D data preparation and clean-up. They were able to finish the project in time and showcase their VR experience at Pack Expo 2019, which was a huge success and well received by customers.



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