Global Virtual Reality Day consists of a variety of AR/VR (augmented and virtual reality) events hosted worldwide in an effort to increase awareness and make AR and VR more mainstream. VR has the power to transport viewers to a different space where they truly feel immersed, and AR can overlay digital information onto the real world. The AR and VR industry has shown immense growth in recent years, with more companies investing in AR/VR hardware and software, the increased use of game engines (such as Unreal Engine ) for creating real-time visualization’s, and an overall popular interest in these immersive technologies.


Unreal Engine and the AEC industry

While Unreal Engine (UE4) was originally created to produce games, with the increased popularity of AR and VR, UE4 has incorporated more tools to streamline the creation of simulations and visualizations of 3D design files. This opens a big door to the AEC (architectural, engineering, and construction) industry that wants to create high quality renders and AR/VR experiences of their 3D designs., AEC designs are complex and require optimizing before importing to UE4 for rendering and visualization.


New Market New Need

Optimizing 3D designs (particularly those from the AEC industry) entails a big amount of effort from 3D artists that have to manually simplify the 3D model., 3D artists will spend countless hours manually finding assets in a model that aren’t needed for visualization and deleting them. The AR/VR industry would benefit from a solution to help them manage their 3D assets and ensure their 3D model is compatible with Unreal Engine or UE4 for AR/VR visualizations/experiences.

Meshmatic is a 3D asset management and optimization software that can fill in the gap between the growing AR/VR industry and the challenges that exist in the visualization of large 3D design files. On Global Virtual Reality day, Meshmatic is introducing 3D artists to a simple and effective way to prepare content for real-time visualization in Unreal Engine. Our software can help facilitate content creation by giving 3D artists the right tools to prepare their 3D models for UE4 and by guiding them through the optimization process. With Meshmatic, you can trust that your 3D model will properly run in UE4 and therefore, you’ll be able to create remarkable AR and VR experiences.