It’s time for London.

Earlier this year, Unreal Engine hosted its first Unreal Academy Enterprise event in their hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. This December, Unreal Engine is crossing the pond to Europe and hosting their second Enterprise event. After joining them in North Carolina, there was no question that we’d make it to the UK for Unreal Academy London, but this time, with Meshmatic in our hand. We’re excited to join Unreal Engine in Excel London for Unreal Academy: Enterprise!

Whether you’re creating an immersive walkthrough of an apartment or a holographic representation of a 3D design, you’ve likely considered using Unreal Engine (UE4). UE4 is a powerful development tool used by artists and developers working with real-time visualization. With augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) breaking ground in the enterprise world, more and more companies are using Unreal Engine to create real-time 3D content.

What is Unreal Academy: Enterprise?

Unreal Academy Enterprise brings together professionals from different industries all with one goal in hand, to bring 3D visualization technology to their workflow. Our Meshmatic team is so excited for the new learning opportunities, meeting design professionals and learning about how different companies are using visualization in their design to construction workflow.  We are excited to talk about how Meshmatic can help you cut time and costs when preparing your 3D design files for importing into UE4.

Meshmatic’s at the forefront of real-time technology

Meshmatic, a 3D asset management and optimization software is a great tool to bring your immersive visualization dreams to life. With BIM (Building Information Modeling) being incorporated into the 3D design workflow (from Autodesk’s Revit or other design software), AEC models are becoming more complex than ever. This makes it expensive to prepare design files for real-time applications. With the rising demand for immersive visualizations, the need for streamlining the design to visualization pipeline is crucial. Meshmatic helps bridge this gap and links the real-time visualization world with the 3D design phase, it’s an optimization software that can take your visualizations to the next level.

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