Throughout the history of the
internet, there’ve been several waves of content, from simple text, image,
audio, video, and animation, each offering new layers of information. With the
buzz surrounding AR and VR, and more companies and industries jumping on the
immersive visualization bandwagon, 3D visualizations are sure to be the next
wave of content on the web!

Until today, web browsing is a purely 2D and flat experience. As soon as web browsing becomes immersive, it will change everything, the possibilities are yet to be discovered! A big challenge to immersive visualization in the web is preparing 3D data for real-time.

This week’s event will focus on the
challenges for visualizing big 3D data for real-time applications! We’ll share
and discuss workarounds and how we prepare our big 3D content for visualization
in game engines like UE4 or Unity.

Amir Tamadon, the co-founder and CTO of VRSQUARE and co-creator of Meshmatic, a 3D asset management and optimization software will lead this discussion.

Pizza and soda will be provided!

5:45-6:00: Arrive and meet and

6:00-6:45: Presentation

6:45-7:30: Discussion and

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