With the holiday season in full swing and discounts and promotions flooding your inbox, it’s tempting to go out and purchase the latest gadgets. While sales are always appealing, and the holiday spirit is inviting, nothing is more valuable than time. Days like boxing day are characterized by hot deals and big discounts, and people love to spend their extra cash on items they may not need.

Here at VRSQUARE/Meshmatic we love discounts and promotions just as much as anyone else, but we also value time and know the benefits of saving time. That’s why we created Meshmatic, a time-saving 3D asset management and optimization software. Save time with Meshmatic and dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on preparing and optimizing models for visualizing in Unreal Engine (UE4).

Why is optimizing 3D models so time-consuming?

3D artists can spend countless hours optimizing 3D models and improving performance for real-time visualization. 3D models from various industries, particularly the AEC (architectural, engineering and construction) industries are generally very complex with layers of information and assets. Such information (like metadata and BIM) is necessary during the design process and for the manufacturing or construction phase.

In order to visualize in UE4, 3D artists have to optimize their FBX file and lighten it. This process is easier said than done, as optimizing a 3D model can be time-consuming and difficult. One way to optimize 3D models includes deleting duplicate assets. For example, a CAD model of an apartment complex has many instances of the same window assets. Detecting and instancing these duplicate assets significantly improves the performance of the 3D model when creating immersive visualizations.

Instancing creates clones of a 3D object which can be used as references. Render time (and import time to UE) is significantly decreased when the 3D model is made up of instances and duplicates. To do this, 3D artists must manually instance duplicated asset one by one. This is a tedious and time-consuming process that is prone to human error. Imagine a 3D artist going through and manually instancing the window assets of an apartment complex. Clearly there’s opportunity to streamline this process and save considerable time and effort.

Save time with Meshmatic

Like searching for the hottest deals, optimizing 3D models is a time-consuming task. Incorporating Meshmatic into your content development pipeline can greatly save time and money. Meshmatic, a 3D asset management and optimization tool helps streamline your 3D production pipeline. Instead of manually deleting/instancing duplicated assets, Meshmatic has a set of tools to achieve the same results in a much quicker timeframe.

After you import your 3D model to Meshmatic, you can visualize the model in 3D preview and take advantage of the different data preparation automation tools. Meshmatic is equipped with three main tools: duplicate detection, deletion, and filtering. With duplicate detection, you can quickly find all the duplicated assets in your 3D scene and delete them by instancing. You can also filter out assets not required for your visualization. For example, when creating a 3D visualization of a car, the interior assets of the model (the engine parts) may not be necessary for visualization. The filtering tool lets you selects and easily hide it from the scene.

Instead of manually deleting duplicated assets, Meshmatic can help you streamline the optimization process and give you more time to focus on quality control. By simplifying the data preparation process and reducing errors, you can ensure you’re delivering your project on time and on budget. This holiday season don’t waste your valuable time, and save time with Meshmatic.